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CAPE – Recycled Wool

CAPE – Recycled Wool

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Ideal for the cold time of the year: CAPE has an oversized cut and can perfectly be combined with a warming jumper.

Cut & Details

• extra large cape coat with deep-seated shoulders

• shawl collar with integrated hood, press buttons

• two outside pockets, one inside pocket

• unlined, inside seams finished with cotton trim

Material & Design Process

• GRS-certified soft wool blend from recycled fibres

• Our recycled wool blend is made from pre-loved garments in Italy: Large quantities of old wool clothing are collected and sorted by colour. They are washed and ground into tiny fibres from which a completely new fabric is woven. Dying is not required in this process: The original material determines the colour of the resulting fabric. One of the challenges in production is the low availability of pure wool garments: A minimum of 2,000 kilogrammes of waste material is needed per colour to make recycled wool. Since wool is often mixed with synthetic fibres, those are also found in used garments. In the recycling process, however, wool and synthetic fibres cannot be separated. Instead, the existing mix of materials is processed as a whole. The result is a recycled fibre in which wool meets a variable proportion of different synthetic fibres.

Colour, Size & Fit

• Colour: Blacknavy (Please note: The images show CAPE in Anthracite. The actual Blacknavy colour has a shade of dark blue to it.)

• Fit: CAPE has an oversized cut and is intended to fall loosely. The size is perfect if the shoulder seams are deep-seated and the fabric falls loosely.

• approximate sizing: S = 36/38, M = 40,42, L = 44/46 and larger!

• A size chart with measurements for each size can be found among the photos. Please note that CAPE's shoulder width is very wide due to the oversized cut with deep-seated shoulders.

• Further information on sizing and fits is available in our size guide. If you have questions, we are happy to assist you via phone (+49 (0) 30 75442592) or e-mail (raffauf at raffauf dot de).

Consult our detailed size chart among the product photos to find your perfect size!

Further information on sizing and fit is available in our size guide. If you have questions, we are happy to assist you via phone (+49 (0) 30 75442592) or e-mail (


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  • Designed with Love
  • Made Sustainably
  • Produced Responsibly
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