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GOCCIA – 100 % Recycled PET Bottles

GOCCIA – 100 % Recycled PET Bottles

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Our favourite for autumn and winter: GOCCIA is a timeless parka with narrow shoulders and an A-line cut that elevates every outfit. An eye-catching highlight: the recycled wool lining.

Cut & Details

• The parka design in a subtle A-line cut and narrow shoulders creates a modern silhouette.
• Features a high-closing 2-way zipper so you’ll be well protected.
• Combined with the high-closing hood, the lining made of recycled wool offers additional comfort and warmth.
• The two external pockets with smooth metal zippers and the hidden inner pocket provide ample space for your essentials.

Material & Design Process

• The GRS-certified fabric is made from 100 % recycled PET bottles.
• The material is wind- and water-resistant, sustainable, and responsibly made.
• Our garments made from recycled PET bottles travel an average of just 1,300 km before they arrive at our Berlin studio. In Northern Italy, the bottles are collected, cleaned, crushed, and melted. They are then turned into wafer-thin polyester fibres, which are spun into threads, dyed without heavy metals and woven into a new and entirely recycled fabric. The fabric continues its journey to our production facility in Szczecin, Poland, where our jackets and coats are sewn. From there, it is only a stone's throw to our Berlin studio.
• The recycled wool blend lining is made from pre-loved garments in Italy: Large quantities of old wool clothing are collected and sorted by colour. They are washed and ground into tiny fibres from which a completely new fabric is woven. Dying is not required in this process: The original material determines the colour of the resulting fabric. One of the challenges in production is the low availability of pure wool garments: A minimum of 2,000 kilogrammes of waste material is needed per colour to make recycled wool. Since wool is often mixed with synthetic fibres, those are also found in used garments. In the recycling process, however, wool and synthetic fibres cannot be separated. Instead, the existing mix of materials is processed as a whole. The result is a recycled fibre in which wool meets a variable proportion of different synthetic fibres.

Colour, Size & Fit

• Available in a range of beautiful colours: Black (Lining: Taupe), Black (Lining: Blacknavy), Olive (Lining: Blacknavy), Ocean (Lining: Blacknavy), and Desert (Lining: Desert)(darker than in the photos, see colour card)
• Fit: GOCCIA has a wide and loose A-line cut. The size is perfect if the shoulder seam is in the right place and the fabric falls loosely.
• Sizes available from XS to XL (XS = 34/36, S = 38, M = 40, L = 42/44, XL = 46/48).
• The sleeve length in the size chart is indicated plus the approximately 6 cm long knitted cuff.

Consult our detailed size chart among the product photos to find your perfect size!

Further information on sizing and fit is available in our size guide. If you have questions, we are happy to assist you via phone (+49 (0) 30 75442592) or e-mail (


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GOCCIA combines contemporary design with sustainability. The designer parka with a hood and details made from recycled wool is the perfect companion during the colder time of year.

  • Designed with Love
  • Made Sustainably
  • Produced Responsibly
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