Are RAFFAUF products sustainable? 

Definitely YES! RAFFAUF – Urban Outdoor Apparel is highly specialised in sustainable materials such as certified organic cotton coated with beeswax, natural rubber as well as recycled polyester, wool and cotton. Our work is of the highest ecological and social standards, from the raw materials, up to the ready-made garment. Our products are manufactured exclusively in the European Union. Our cotton is certified, the fabrics made from recycled PET-bottles and recycled wool are GRS-certified. The water-repellent merino wool fabrics are free from mulesing and are Woolmark-certified. More information regarding the fabrics may be found on the individual product pages and the original tags that will be delivered with the order. More information may be found here.

How will my order be shipped and when will it arrive? 

We ship your order with UPS or DHL. Delivery can take up to one week. Further information on shipping may be found here.

Do I have to pay a shipping fee? 

Shipping within the EU is free for orders over €100. For orders less than €100, we charge 3,79 € for shipping to Germany and 15 € for other European countries. 

How can I pay for my order? 

Among others, payment can be made using all major credit cards as well as Paypal, and Klarna. A complete list of payment methods is shown during checkout or in the footer menu of this shop.

Can I return my order? 

Orders must be returned  within 14 days from the date of purchase to be elligable for a full refund, and only products purchased on our online store can be returned here. RAFFAUF products bought through other outlets must be returned to the point of sale. Further information may be found in our refundpolicy

How do I maintain my RAFFAUF jacket? 

All our jackets may be re-coated with our wash-in coating.  

Further information on specific fabrics may be found on the product sites and the tags that will be delivered with your order. 

In general, please remove small spots with a clean and moist sponge. 

Do not dry clean your RAFFAUF jacket as the chemicals used will destroy our impregnation or beeswax coating. 

Which size should I order?

The RAFFAUF coats and jackets are usually generously cut.  

Approximate sizing for women’s jackets: S = 36/38, M = 40, L = 42/44, XL = 46/48 and size 1 = 36/38, size 2 = 40,42, size 3 = 44/46 and larger. 

Approximate sizing for men’s coats: S = 46, M = 48, L = 50, XL = 52.

Further information and recommendations on sizes can be found in our size guide.

Some product pages don’t mention which certification the fabric has. Why?
For some of our materials we mention that we use certified organic fabrics, but we do not explain by which body the certification is guaranteed. This is because many certifications can only be officially mentioned if the brand itself is certified. For us, this means that although we use certified fabrics, we are not allowed to officially advertise with and name the certification. If you would like to know in more detail how our organic cotton, for example, is certified, you are of course welcome to contact us and ask for more information.

Are RAFFAUF coats functional clothing items?

Our garments are not intended for sports or functional wear. They are made for your urban everyday life. But most fabrics that we use are wind- and water-resistant and can withstand a shower of rain.